Comic Preview: GALAXY QUEST #1

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Duff here…

IDW once again resurrects a beloved film property for the colorful page, this time around it’s Galaxy Quest. The Star Trek spoof that delighted audiences in 1999. The film started Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Darryl Mitchell, and Sam Rockwell as actors of cult classic sci-fi show that fizzled out in the early 80s and our now paying their bills in the dreaded halls of comic cons. Oh, how the tune on cons have changed. Their luck is changed after meeting a real alien race, that believes the their TV exploits were real. The aliens beams the out of work actors into outer space to battle a race of lizard monsters.

You’ve all seen this, right? I don’t need to go further. It’s on Netflix…

It’s a great film, outside of Buzz Lightyear, it’s Tim Allen’s best. Go see it. Anyways…

I’m not to spoil anything for here, what I can tell you is:

  • The comic picks up a few years after the movie ends, also the events in the final 3rd act of the film heavily relate to the events in this book. You have to watch the film first.
  • Galaxy Quest the show has been rebooted, also the cast gets along as great as ever.
  • Justin Lin’s character from the film, Brandon, is still involved. Also so is Mathesar.
  • New Aliens

That’s about all you really need to you know for the plot.

Ghostbusters scribe Erik Burnham is credited with the script. Erik excels at these movie-verse comics. Much like his work on Ghostbusters, all the dialogue and situations fit naturally into the universe we’re familiar with. Even when he’s stretching the boundaries, it all feels very natural.

Nacho Arranz handles art duties. Nacho draws out of Madrid, and is largely unknown here in the states. It’s well drawn, and the colors are solid. I think Nacho will be sticking around in the comics.

Sadly, this is another limited 4 issue series, IDW loves doing these. I’m sure it has something to do with licensing. Four issues or twenty-four issues, I’m on board.

GQv201-cvrAFROM IDW:

Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #1 (of 4)—SPOTLIGHT
Erik Burnham (w) • Nacho Arranz (a & c)
Once upon a time, a troupe of has-been actors that starred on an old sci-fi show were enlisted by an alien race to save them from an intergalactic tyrant. Despite being way out of their depth, the cast somehow managed to save the aliens and stay alive… but their actions in outer space may have had dire consequences for another world. Join us this January as the cast of GALAXY QUEST returns for another bombastic journey into space!


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