Comic News: Marvels Edge of Venomverse

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With the announcement of Eddie Brock returning and Marvel going back to their Legacy Numbering system, we are getting a new addition to the Marvel Lineup, we are going for a wild ride coming soon to the Marvel Universe, as you know Marvel can have some rather bizarre story lines, from Punisher Killing the Marvel Universe, Deadpool killing Classic Literature Characters, and all the way to everyone in Manhattan gaining Spider-Mans abilities! But not Marvel is taking it a whole step further, everyone will be getting a Venom Symbiote!

Since Eddie Brock’s Debut in 1984, Venom has always been on the fence of being a menace and villain to Spider-Man and the people of New York all the way to becoming the Anti-Hero the city deserves! He has become the mighty Anti-Venom in Spider-Island and currently under the symbiote known as Toxin, hunting down the highly dangerous, Carnage.

After being separated from the Symbiote, Flash Thompson acquired the Venom Symbiote reprogrammed and became the soldier known as Agent Venom, becoming a full-blooded hero, much to the Symbiote liking! Flash has complete control over the Venom Symbiote and became a great edition to the Guardians of the Galaxy and even became known as Venom: Space Knight.

Currently, the Venom Symbiote is held by Lee Price a soldier who has violent tendencies and forces the now sentient and wanting to do good alien space goo into returning back to the psychotic killing machine that it once was…so how does this fit into the new Venomverse series?

Well, the five part mini-series seems to take the same concept as Spider-Island, everyone in Manhattan getting spider powers and becoming heroes with great responsibility. So far, that is all we know…but I really hope we get to see Deadpool yelling “You get a Symbiote, and you get a Symbiote!”

Stay tuned for more awesomeness!

Interesting Fact: The first person the Symbiote attached itself to…was…Deadpool!




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