Comic Character Review: Lucifer

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Hey guys..remember when I did these last year and they seemed to go over well? No? Well, I used to do Comic Book Character Reviews out of boredom and eventually quit, but since it’s the new year I’m back with giving my opinion various comic book characters! What? You don’t care? Well maybe you’ll care when I review Lucifer!

Note: Yes, Fox TV series: Lucifer is airing!



Backstory in a nutshell: Lucifer Morningstar, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away Lucifer decide to say fuck it and  rebel against the Kingdom of Heaven, he was then thrown into shapeless void known as the Chaoplasm, which became Hell…yea know, he ruled over it. Lucifer eventually got bored and stopped being the ruler of Hell and now runs a Piano bar called Lux in Los Angeles.



He’s also the new 007


The Super Power: Re-really? You want me to explain Lucifer? Alright, well he’s immortal, he can control any external force for any effect he wants, he can manipulate and create fire, he can regenerate, reality alteration, strength stamina..yeah know, Lord of hell stuff! I’d probably not let him anywhere near me…


And of course lets not forget his mighty axe..Eviley Evil Axe!

And of course lets not forget his mighty axe..Eviley Evil Axe!

Skills and Equipment: Lucifer besides being a terrifying being, he’s a master of deception and a genius level intelligence. With that said Lucifer is a master swordsman and also an expert in hand to hand combat. Also, according to some sources it states that he has a high will power against any form of mind control…so no hacking this demons mind, ha hahahahahaha.


He can also be made into an awesome figure!

He can also be made into an awesome figure!

Weakness: One of the down sides to being an all powerful Lord of Hell is…well God can kill him at any point in time, which raises a lot of questions. Lucifer also can’t make anything out of nothing, he’ll need his brother Michael to help him with that and we all know how that works out. Lucifer also can’t manipulate a persons mind, yes he can deceive them but he can’t force someone to do something (you can correct me if I’m wrong.)  Lucifer in some dimensions also loses all powers…so if you have ANY of those..he can be killed.


Conclusion: He’s a great character, Lucifer is a formidable foe who uses his brains over brawn which gives him an interesting twist as a character than the blood thirsty torturer we all know from stories. His weaknesses don’t put him at a disadvantage to much unless you’re fighting in another dimension or anything related to Angelic combat. In other words…Lucifer ruler of hell is…awesome!


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