Comic Character Review: Daredevil

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Hello! Welcome to a new segment that I like to call “I still have a job writing on here so I’m making a new segment I’d like to call!:” Comic Character Review. Basically it’s where I sit down and investigate if a certain hero is actually credible to fighting crime…I’m reviewing the character not the COMIC. So all cannon is off the bored. Who is going to work on this with me? I’m a lonely person so probably no one, but we will be looking at skills, equipment, abilities, weaknesses, etc. Today we are looking at: DareDevil…get it…double Ds.

Backstory in a nutshell: Daredevil is a character who cannot see…at all…he’s BLIND, his secret identity is Matt Murdock a lawyer from Hells Kitchen. Back when Matt was just a wee lad a chemical spill washed over Hells Kitchen causing Matt Murdock to lose his sight, because that happens all the time. Matts father Jack Murdock is brutally murdered after throwing a boxing match, Matt sets out by taking up the Red and Yellow crime fighter known as Daredevil.

Yeah...that guy!

Yeah…that guy!

The Super Power: Daredevil though famous for being a blind super hero, isn’t a force to be taken to lightly. The chemicals that caused him to be blind gave his other sense to evolve into a super human level. Developing a type of echolocation Daredevil can see without actually being able to see. He can touch a piece of paper and be able to feel the ink and read clearly, he can detect heat changes, hear heart beats from over 20 feet away, he can even smell you from 50 feet away! Which means he probably knows where Bub is at all times! Daredevil has super heightened senses but…he also has a radar like sense giving him the ability to map out an entire city in 3-D, like sitting in a dark movie theater…get it? All movies are shot in 3-D.


If only he was as adorable as this...

If only he was as adorable as this…

Skills and Equipment: Daredevil has the physically strength and speed as a normal human..he is not bullet proof, he can go squish when falling from great heights. However, he is able to keep himself from falling to his doom with mastery of gymnastics and parkour. Just like his dad Daredevil is a master boxer and also knows Ninjutsu, Aki-do, and other various martial art styles. His mentor Stick turned Daredevil into a skilled weapons expert using a staff..or stick…whatever.


Admit it, he's awesome

Admit it, he’s awesome

Weakness: With having heightened senses also comes with heightened confusion. Large crowds can cause him to become disoriented leaving him unable to locate a particular person in a crowd. Getting hit in the head can cause his abilities to spiral out of control leaving him prone to physical attacks. Daredevil is a squishy meat bag, so if he is shot or he falls from a great height he will die! He also has the worst secret identity…a blind lawyer, most of his enemies know who is.

Conclusion: Although Daredevil is a human, he is not a force to be messed with on the front lines. Daredevil is capable of going toe to toe with the super villain Mr. Hyde and still walk out not a puddle of goo. His mastery of weapons, acrobatics and having heightened senses makes him one of the ultimate trackers and martial artists. However, he is a meat puppet meaning he can be taken out if things got harry without other heavy hitter super heroes being around.


Check Daredevil out in: Man Without Fear, Defenders, Marvel Knights, Daredevil (Netflix 2015 series.)



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