Comic Book Reviews: Rumble #1

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Sometimes when you pick up a comic book you want something that screams “READ ME!” Then freak out because comic books aren’t supposed to talk. This is Rumble.

Rumble starts off with a guy named Bobby who works in a bar, who’s life is awful. Which seems to be a huge pattern in the comic book world, he’s talking to a war hero known as Mr. Cogan and he tell the young Bobby to go see some guy named “Rufus” who isn’t a naked mole rat. But all of a sudden a large burly Conan the barbarian sword wielding Scarecrow comes busting in and chops off Mr. Cogans hand, nothing screams “HELP BOBBY DO SOMETHING!” Like a decapitated limb. But once all the Rabble rousing is done it turns out that everything has disappeared. So Bobby takes the sword and encounters some demons and then…go read it

John Arcudi who wrote the award winning “The Creep” is the writer of this new piece of horror blood bath full of demons and large swords…because all fantasy comics need a large sword somewhere, brings humor to horror that we need in this time of all serious comic book writing. James Harren the artist of B.P.R.D brings to life this fantasy story with his sketching and dark lay out of an urban city, and boy is it fantastic, that saying sketchy dark styles is something we all have a small little love for.

Rumble has giant swords, scarecrows, demons, blood, a guy named Bobby and everything you need in a first issue of a new on going series!