Comic Book Reviews: Oddly Normal #4

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Quick, name four random things and then completely waste time with the random thing I asked you to do. An announcement needs to be made: Otis Frampton the writer and artist of Oddly Normal will be on my new spin off show “Comics R Kewl” because we are awesome!

Oddly Normal is at her first day of her new school, we’ve all been there, the cafeteria is terrible, you meet a bully you meet your new friends that are: a hunchback (Ragnar) , a female generic ghost (Misty McCloud) and a Frankenstein monster that doesn’t say a word (Reggie). Oddly now getting comfy in her own school we start to get the meat and potatoes of the comic book…no…no don’t eat it , stupid. The entire book is laid out depicting who the friends and villains of the comic book will be (we can all say that it’s probably the white haired evil looking guy). In short this issue makes you feel like you’re at the first day of school…groan and moan people, groan and moan.

Otis Frampton still seems to continue making a comic book that is intended to be a middle school drama, into something special. Oddly Normal is a book based with the hardship of fitting in, and in this issue you really start to see that…kind of how I’m bullied to writing these reviews. Oddly as a character has started to evolve where as at first we really didn’t see how she interacted in her school life, we now get to see how she interacts in her new, weird life…and I’m okay with this.

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