Comic Book Reviews: Cutter #3

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Shaggy, Scooby you guys go that way, Velma, Daphne, and I will all go and search for the big bad Monster…Zombie…thing.


Cutter #3 Villain

Cutter #3 Villain

That’s right I’m back to review Cutter issue #3. Being a cliche story can be a good thing, there are a lot of good slasher movies that follow pretty much the same formula: Scream, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Child’s Play and so on. These all follow the same pattern being a slaughter fest of teenagers, with hardly any character development. However, then there is Cutter: as a revenge slasher the premise for a comic book should be fairly simple:  a light plot with the killer going around killing everyone. Cutter #3 becomes the bridge between the first two and the remaining titles coming in the next two weeks (this being a weekly series). It’s more so just a plot exposition book than anything else filling in gaps and answering and asking more questions….with Molotov cocktail bombs and shot guns! Even though Cutter #3 is a gap filler book, it still seems to get its charming little self right up there with the first two Cutter books. With this being  a weekly series I can tell that it will be a big finale for all those people preparing for Halloween!

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