Comic Book Review: Wytches #3

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Legit Question: Should the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts teach kids to prepare for the zombie apocalypse? I think so, because who else is going to protect us during an outbreak? Bub? Duff? Lets look at Wytches #3

Wytches isn’t a real word incase anyone is wondering, Wytches #3 is about fart jokes and Charlie searching for his lost sailor…sorry I mean lost daughter named Sailor. As he searches for his daughter we slowly start to reveal what exactly Sail saw that night in the woods. Charlie flash backs and describes being attacked by a wrinkly old man girl (No really, go read the book and tell me it’s not a man girl!) and told that the Wytches are real and the man girl knows where his daughter is. Also, Mr. Rooks is hiding some secrets and something about the Cauldron, of course nobody believes him so just to throw more into his crazy tale a tree with lips starts talking about it’s legs, I don’t think anyone should make this up.

Regardless of anything usually comics should be given the rule of three with reading them to see if you are going to stick with this title, personally there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t. Because this book has a strong sense of where it wants to go, Scott Snyder writes this compelling tale of a father trying to rescue his daughter from a American Horror Story reject and friends, and backing that is an artist named Jock who nobody can find a picture of (google failed me) gives us a eerie feel to a tale.


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  • If sarcasm had trade-able value I might survive the Zombie Apocalypse, but chances are good I’ll be an appetizer.