Comic Book Review: Wytches #2

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Scott Snyder is one of those writers that can turn a soup label into a comic book master piece. Wytches is an interesting tale about people being stuck in trees and then coming out as strange creatures, and man is it interesting. We’ve seen what Scott Snyder can do with an old tale like Swamp Thing, now what can Synder do with Wytches? No that’s not a spelling error…here at Slack Jaw we only do quality work.


Wytches issues 2 kicks off like any other story with supernatural intentions starts off…with calling the our main character crazy of course! The story follows a young girl named Sailor, who was accused of killing a girl a few years prior to when the book kicked off, except a magical forest sucked her in because of the mysterious enchantment known as the Pledge, think the Salem Witch Trails only with trees. Issue 2 Sailor gets bit by the same girl who the forest took for her, we get a few flash backs of Sailors past including someone getting into a car accident with a deer.

Wytches issue 2 hits hard with being a book that has more questions than answers but still enough of an impact to keep you guessing. With Scott Snyders strong sense of writing that weaves a brilliant portrait of questions and mystery of the forest and the strange Pledge. Jock who apparently doesn’t have a first name, does a brilliant job with the art work making it pleasing to look at with rough edges for the creatures and a very smooth tone with the human characters. Wytches is the book to continue looking out for each month!

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