Comic Book Review: Wolf #1

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Do you believe in BigFoot? When I ask that I don’t mean Bub sitting on his couch with his shirt off. I’m talking about the real BigFoot…no? No you don’t? Well…no, of course not..I don’t believe in him at all. Leave me and my BigFoot plush alone! Wolf #1

Wolf opens up like any other comic book…with a man casually on fire and singing a song. The guy who is extra crispy is grabbed by the cops and questioned about what he was doing..on fire. However he can’t remember anything except him being roofied that night and then waking up…on fire. Our mystery fire man runs into a few kooky characters and then arrives at his place to find a man standing there. Mr. OnFire gets knocked out and taken to an unknown location where we finally learn his name Mr…Wolfe? Okay, anyway he meets one of the biggest racists…Sterling Gibson who offers him a job to kill people and explains that Mr. Wolfe is a gifted individual that is immortal and can be set on fire and not die. Also, something about a squid guy beating up a vampire for raising his rent…huh?

Wolf is a book you have to truck through to get just okay. It’s not one of the best supernatural books out there, but I’d recommend it for someone who’s curious to see where the story is going. Although I can say the art on it is fantastic with Matt Taylor, I am always a sucker for the sketchy art styles. Also, the story done by Ales Kot (who did The Surface…) who’s stories are always really bizarre so if you like him then you’ll like this book, as for me…it’s not for me.


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  • Howard “Brutally Honest” Banks

    Hey, thanks for this. Your review is the closest thing I can find to a review of this book that I actually agree with! Although I’m a thousand percent opposite on the subject of Matt Taylor’s art. But at least we can both say, “it’s not for me.”