Comic Book Review: Void Trip #2

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Okay, yes I’m late, yes I’m behind, yes I’m wearing pants. Let us look at Void Trip #2.

Ana and Gabe are heading to Euphoria, and what is Euphoria? Well, we don’t know but..there is froot and a weird squid mafia guy and a robot with a God complex. Void Trip #2 starts off with Ana having a hallucination about Wise Space Geppetto and when she wakes up she decides its time for them to buckle down for their adventure to Euphoria while a robot…God? hot on their trail. 

That being said Ryan O’Sullivan has a winner in my book and gives me a feeling of relaxation that allows me to truly enjoy a casually crafted story, you can tell Ryan wanted to make this series as adventurous and mysterious as possible and for that, I approve and will continue to support this series until issue 5.

Plaid Klaus art style is warm and simple, nothing seems too overpowering or out of place, each world that we are taken too is unique and creative but never seems to stray away from what the script is telling. His artwork just flows incredibly well with the story. Ryans story is relaxing and Plaid Klaus matches that beautifully.

Void Trip is about the journey and not the destination,  issue #2 sets that concept up rather well. While most readers will feel turned off by the lack of information and plot development, it’s nice to see a book truly want to take its time to build up its primary premise and take us on a ride. Ana and Gabe are a likable duo and the villain that is presented is funny and incredibly over the top.