Comic Book Review: Vikings: Godhead #1

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Writer: Cavan Scott, Artist: Staz Johnson, Titan Comics, 29 Pages

All right Titan has been getting some interesting comic book green lights…first Dark Souls which SOLD OUT! Congrats to that! Then Penny Dreadful is coming up, and now we have Vikings which is…well…VIKINGS!

The story opens up introducing all of the familiar faces of Vikings: Rollo, Lagertha (that’s a name!?), and Ragnar the man who would become king eventually, oh and Floki! Everybody is out doing what vikings do best….drink and party like it’s 1999! They are all drinking with the King Ecbert of Wessex, much to Flokis dismay since Wessex is a Christian place and the Vikings are Pagan! We then cut to the Queen Aslaug as she is informed that the Gods are testing them and that the harvest is poor and it is all Siggys fault because she’s an outsider and a witch…so in order to punish her for something she totally did not do, she has to pull a stone from a boiling pot of water without screaming or dropping the stone…and then if her hand heals she is proven innocent. Oh and then a fight breaks out between the Christians and the Pagan Vikings…

I’m not really sure how I feel about this comic book, it did not hold my attention and I did not feel like I was watching the TV show or at least reading the TV show. Maybe it is because Vikings the tv show did not really appeal to me? Well, the way I would put it is, if you are a fan of the show you might like it…as for me, I’ll pass on this one. But the art work is rather well done, except everyone kind of looks like same…must be a Viking thing.

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