COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Vertigo Comics — The Lost Boys #1-4 Series

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If you are thinking of picking up Vertigo Comics The Lost Boys #1-4 Series, do it. Don’t think about it. Just do it.  I’m a huge fan of the 1987 movie with the Coreys so this was already right up my alley. I know you will enjoy it if you are familiar with the great 80s film, and even if you are not, it is a solid vampire story for you to get wrapped up in.

I’m going to try to write this review as to not give away the whole story for those of us who may not have been around to witness the 1987 cinematic teen masterpiece featuring the foxiest of vampires at the time.

The Lost Boys #1-4 series is pretty much on par with the movie. It’s about a couple of kids who find out that the town they live in is a vampire party when people start coming up missing.  After Sam has a brief encounter with a foxy gal in a comic book store, who we later find out is a vampire because she doesn’t show up on security camera footage, and Micheal hears of his Grandpa’s grizzly death, it kick starts the kids into trying to find out who is responsible for all the death and disappearance in Santa Clara.

We find out through the series that vampires are pretty much everywhere you turn and they seem to have this town on lockdown. Or, maybe the vampires won’t see their demise coming at the hands of two teenagers and a vampire hunter, Mr. Believer.

The art in this series is wonderful and top notch. It’s dark and brooding just they way a vampire story should be, and it has a lot of sparks when needed.  It’s an exciting and pretty easy read as well. You can keep up with the drama and the action without having to do too much page turning back. The Nerdist called this series, “true sequel to The Lost Boys we always wanted” and I completely agree. You can tell that the writers and the artists really made this series a masterpiece to do the movie proud. Hell, I think the Coreys would be hella proud!