Comic Book Review: Uncle Scrooge #1

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Iron Squid what are you doing? I told you not to review comic books for kids! We are trying to be not kid friendly!…Well Bub simply put Uncle Scrooge isn’t a children’s comic, Scrooge McDuck made his appearance in 1947 and this comic is a reprint of old issues from 1957! So haha it’s actually a comic book for adults…so there!

We open up our story with Scrooge panicking about how rich he is, and that the Beagle Boys haven’t been trying to rob from him for weeks, which should be the opposite but hey he’s a talking duck. So what better way to cool your jets about being robbed than taking a camping trip! After screaming Excelsior, the gang arrive arrive at their camp ground  and start their wonderful journey of being sued by Marvel…but are the Beagle Boys around the corner with a giant robot!? Probably.

As short of a review this is, I’m really glad to see the IDW is bringing back classic Disney comics, apparently this is going to be an ongoing thing where they release all kind of old comics from way back. Which is nice for younger audiences, the comics are well preserved with the original scripts from the legendary comic book writer Romano Scrapa (R.I.P 2005) and with Jonathan Gray taking on the writing. From what I gather these are all comics that were originally published in Italy. Look for more of these on the shelves this week!


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