Comic Book Review: Trees #6

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Trees #6

Trees #6

Trees is a book created by the legendary writer Warren Ellis (Excalibur and Planetary) and art by Jason Howard (Super Dinosaur and Wolf-man) It’s set in a time period where giant alien monoliths called Trees have invaded the earth and have just been standing there for a long time….a very…very long time.


Trees #6 is an interesting read because it’s the only book where something actually happens. Books 1-5 have a very strange way of setting up the characters with it being broken up into 4 different stories with the characters going about their daily lives, with very little mention of the Trees, except with one story revolving around the scientists investigating the Trees. BUT THERE IS A TRANSGENDER! So it’s got that going for it.


Trees is a book I’d recommend if you really want a book that keeps you guessing exactly where it is going to go…after 6 issues you’d expect a book written by Warren Ellis to be a slap in the face joy ride of action and amazingness. But Trees is the exact opposite with it’s very slow turning points and uninteresting characters. However, maybe Issue 7 will be better!

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