Comic Book Review: Transformers- Sins of The Wreckers #1

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I wasn’t sure exactly, what I was getting myself into, when I chose to review this comic. Given the fact that I haven’t read a Transformers story in a very long time.

How delightfully surprised I was.  I found myself reminiscing back to when I was just a kid, watching Transformers cartoon for the first time.  It really took me back. Not only the writing style, but the way the artist and author Nick Roche was able to emulate the way the characters looked, back in the day.

He took on a pretty large project, considering The Last Stand of The Wreckers ended about five years ago.  What a fab job he did indeed. I found that this edition, drew me into the story and I felt as though I was there.

Nick Roche, if you are unfamiliar, has been creating amazing depictions of our favorite Transformers since the early 2000s. So, when I say he is a veteran, he is a veteran in the truest form.

The story takes us after The Last Stand, into a realm of deception, secrets and lies. Mainly where is Prowl and what the hell is going on?


This amazing issue is available today in comic shops around the globe.  Treat yourself and go pick one up today.


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