Comic Book Review: Torchwood #1

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If I would have known that Torchwood was getting a reboot last week, I would have jumped all over it. Unfortunately our mailing team had a small hiccup and we didn’t get Titan until this week. Regardless, I like Doctor Who…I love Captain Jack, not Johnny Depp but John Barrowman himself Captain Jack Harkness!

Side note: This comic takes place AFTER Exodus Code.

Torchwood has always been the great spin off series of Doctor Who that follows the stories of Jack Harkness and the secret government organization formed by Queen Victoria herself hundreds of years ago to protect planet earth against alien and paranormal threats! It has taken many names and has had many different leaders. But the biggest iconic team would have to be Torchwood: Captain Jack Harkness team of scientists and soldiers!

What I can say about this book is that it continues on with the cheesiness that has brought British Sci-fi to life, which is nice because it doesn’t try to be anything else other than a fun time for new readers and old readers alike! The fact that the Torchwood and Doctor Who series continues to bring in constant new and old fans together is the best part about reading this series. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who says they don’t care for sci-fi comics.

Torchwood interestingly is written by John Barrowman (Captain Harkness himself) and Carole Barrowman (Older sister and award winning author), both of them have worked on the Torchwood novels and continue to follow the quick pace of the universe while still staying true to what it is…again cheesy British Sci-fi. Torchwood continues to bring on the fun and excitement with this new hit series!