Comic Book Review: Theatrics Act 1

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Okay everyone, I know I haven’t been around but I’m back after a small hiatus to catch up on some school work! Also, I have been working on a few things coming up on the site! So, lets dive into a book from Neil Gibson. The same guy who did Thabatha and Twisted Dark…he’s a really nice British guy!

Theatrics follows Rudy Barnes and Sam in a 1920s speakeasy in New York, Sam is worried about the day that he and Rudy are old and nobody will care about them anymore. But Rudy, just doesn’t seem to care and they decide to dance and party and get wasted! Like all Broadway stars do, so with that out of the way Rudy wakes up completely drunk and leaves the speakeasy and starts a fight with some muggers…but things go horribly wrong after he beats them up, but eventually loses to a lead pipe. So what happens to Rudy? Well…this is where Rudy gets his face disfigured and has to become someone else…something else…

Theatrics is a fantastic read and sort of reminds me of Darkman but instead of a scientist being burnt to a crisp out for revenge, it’s a famous actor who gets his face disfigured by a lead pipe and is out for revenge! Theatrics is heart racing thrill ride that will surely make you read until the very last page!

You can read Theatrics right here! Theatrics