Comic Book Review: The X-Files Xmas Special 2015

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It’s that time off the year again! That’s right..we have to shave Bubs back hair! Oh and something about Christmas and Holidays and people getting offended over StarBucks cups…

X-Files opens up with a man named Langly receiving a Christmas present outside his van, he brings it in and we then meet Frohike and he’s complaining about being a mall Santa (some of those guys make bank so stop complaining!) So they open the box and discover a Commander Crunch Space Whistle that was given out in cereal boxes…until people started hacking phone company with..them? Sure why not! Anyway, they decide to try to use it in order to complete a Transmission that Mulder salvaged from satellite. So they complete the signal and get abducted by Aliens!…Then we cut to Mulder.

Mulder needs help! The Faceless ones are after Mulder, who’s chatting with some guy who’s informing him that his friends are in trouble, after that we are thrown over to Sully as she boards a plane full of dead people who mysteriously died… did they die?

The thing about the X-Files Xmas Special, it’s the sense of being X-Files good, however when I think Holiday or X-mas Special I think goofy ridiculous one shots like Transformers Holiday Special or even Harley Quinn Holiday Special, this was just…X-Files with the mentioning of Christmas and what not..oh and snow. Joe Harris is still writing the X-Files comics and he’s still solid in this book, Matthew Dow Smith’s art is as solid as ever…but..I’m rating this based on Christmas feelings, and this just felt a little bit weak.

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