Comic Book Review: The Shield #1

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1776 was the Revolutionary War! Where ‘Merica claimed it’s independence from Great Britain, go ‘Merica! But enough about how patriotic we can get, lets go look at The Shield #1.

Well said!

Well said!

We open up with our hero The Shield assisting in the Revolutionary War of 1776 and attacking some British soldiers….but she dies, and that’s the end of the book! Just kidding, we then cut to present day where our main woman is seen sitting in a police station and is being told by the person holding her at the police station that she needs to punch her in the face and then gives her an address to head to. Oh…okay, with that she escapes from the station and we are given an inner monologue informing us that this woman has super powers but has no memory of herself. So what does this woman do right after escaping the police station? She gets hit by a taxi, climbs a building and beats up four home invaders…and totally draws attention to herself, oh and there’s a mysterious man trying to find her for some reason…what’s…what’s going on? But, we do see the old red, white, and blue!

To be honest I really wanted to like this title, but the set up with this book is really strange and doesn’t really explain anything in the end, but we already know who she is so the first few pages seem pointless, the whole “resurrected and doesn’t have a memory” is sort of nice though. Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig put a lot of effort into this book and you can tell, although this isn’t really for me I’m sure others will enjoy it…and who knows maybe issue two will be better! But with that said I feel like this book starts off rather weak and the end doesn’t help either. Drew Johnsons artwork is solid! That I can say is probably the biggest draw to this title. In the end, I’ll let the reader decide if they like it or not.

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