Comic Book Review: The Fox #3

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See look, I was in Vegas and now that I’m back…I have to do this…stop making me do things…

The Fox #3 leaves off with Paul (The Fox) searching for his son Shinji (The Ghost Fox) within the twenty four hours (it’s weird that one month is 24 hours in comic book time.) As he’s searching he talks with his wife Mae as she gets ready to go out and….be a super hero? He runs into a girl who tries to kiss him, and then an orgy breaks out of a pile of girls all on him, they turn into tentacles and reveal to be a green skeleton monster woman named Madam Satan, because stringing words together is fun kids. The Ghost Fox is trying to find his first arch-nemisis and runs into an assassin known as Pneumo who doesn’t like gargoyles. We switch back to The Fox with his epic battle with miss skeleton octopus thingy and she tries to marry him….and that’s pretty much the entire book. Plus a HUGE twist and a train!

Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel are a fantastic duo, each issue has been a roller coaster of action and suspense. Honestly, it reminds me of a darker 66 Batman…without Adam West, but with still all the fun comedic stuff! Art work is always beautiful and the characters are all unique! Please….support this book!

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