Comic Book Review: The Fix #1

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Image Comics, Writer: Nick Spencer, Art: Steve Lieber

Nick Spencer still hasn’t finished Bedlam…just saying. Regardless we are left with something a little bit more..unique in this case, mostly it’s just the most anticipated comic since…Nick Spencer did Bedlam..just saying. Here’s the Fix #1

Being a criminal is terrible, as says our opening line, the lack of cash, more secure technology, and jewelry being pretty much worthless, makes it hard to be an actual criminal. Then we cut to: two guys who decide to rob an old folks home, and when they find out there is nobody watching them, they get angry and hold the manager hostage, and it turned out that these two robbers are crooked cops looking for money. We get a little back story of what got the main character into law enforcement and how wonderful it is to be a crooked cop…but..well, just wait until the ending.

The Fix #1, didn’t Fix me up, *gets hit with a tomato* until the very end. There isn’t much structure except going in and explaining that the two cops are crooked and that’s pretty much it with this book. However, if you’re into cop comedy with a slice of crime, then this book is for you. But I do recommend reading it until the end..then I know you’ll be hooked.