Comic Book Review: The Empty #3

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Killer Marshmallow Bunnies…..that is all.

When we last left our heroes, the roots were discovered to be a giant pipe, Tanoor and co. set out to find the source of the pipe root, with discussing more about why Lila wears rings around her neck and how the Peeps Bunny people reproduce…ewww…the traveling circus discover that the pipes are now over across a very large poisonous lake…see a pattern? We learn that everyone who has discovered this section has died from giving up or from the water. But fear not young adventures! The group builds a boat out of giant bones and discover an entire land full of intelligent insects! No really! I’m serious!

The Empty is the Wizard of Oz but with a desert and giant poisonous pipe roots….and it’s awesome! The Empty continues to be a wonderful adventure full of creative creatures and constant surprises. Jimmie Robinson is a great writer and a great artist to boot. I’d recommend The Empty to anyone, because who doesn’t want to travel with a Marshmallow Bunny…that’s a new catch phrase.

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