Comic Book Review: the Dark & Bloody – Part 2

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Aldridge, Godlewski, Mulvihill


Something weird is going on. Plagued by horrible flashbacks and frantic episodes, Iris finds himself struggling to get back to civilian life after returning from his tour in Iraq. What’s more, strange dreams about a monstrous winged woman and the grisly murders of two men from his regiment are beginning to push him over the edge. Things take a dark turn when he realizes those men are very much alive and his dreams weren’t as imaginary as he thought.

This one was cool. Having jumped on board in the middle of the series, I don’t have much of a clue what’s going on, but what I do know is that there’s a freakish harpy demon lady who can turn people into zombies and that’s pretty gnarly. The book’s also got some pretty profound things to say about war and what war does to people, and I’m sure the serious reader in me could think of all kinds of intelligent things to say about that but I’m too distracted by the zombie bird monster lady and the throat ripping and the creepy feathers coming out of the mouths of her victims…

I’ve got a grip now, it’s ok.

My take is that the monster is a figure for the trauma of war that follows soldiers home, the constant reminder of the deeds carried out in life or death situations, and the ways in which people who experience war change as a result. Iris seems to be fighting the second, more personal half of the battle, which is the fight that follows him home where his family is. People he would give anything to protect. I felt like the book really portrays the kind of trauma that can cause, and in a pretty interesting way. Definitely worth checking out.

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