Comic Book Review: The Complete Voodoo: The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics

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It’s weird to say that in the 1950’s hour was the biggest genre in comic books. Indicating that Bub uses some really good anti-aging cream, or he’s secretly an ancient being that is hell bent on creating foul mouthed podcasts as away to take over the world. Regardless heres the classic Voodoo: The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics.

Voodoo 01 - 03 The Shelf of Skulls - Matt Baker

This book is divided up into multiple stories, One being known as: The Shelf of Skulls, (which is what Bob has in his basement), we open up with a couple: Don and Celia as they are driving on a dark and creepy road, and they are talking about killing someone and making it look like suicide! Once she arrives at the targets place the target immediately decides that he wants to bone..get it because skulls are..never mind. Anyway he decides to lead Celia to a room that he was planning to reveal to her..but in that room are skulls! Skulls..on shelves! Oh and we learn the creepy truth about the skulls…

The next story known as The Golden Ghouls (Theres a Golden Girls Joke in there somewhere..) follows a journalist named: Lucky (not a dog) as she is trying to convince her boss Mr. Harrison to head out and cover a robbery, but  Mr. Harrison doesn’t like woman in journalism and denies her. So what does she do? She decides to investigate a murder by heading to the funeral home disguised as a grieving sister! And when that doesn’t work..she decides to have a magic man cast a spell to suspend her animation and then move the body to the morgue…what?

There are many other stories in this book including: The Werewolf, The Haunted One, Zombie Bride, The Antilla Terror and More! Each one of them bringing their own cheesiness and entertainment to the table. I really enjoyed these although I’m not a huge fan of old style art work, the stories are brilliant. Did you know a lot of these comics were banned from the 1950? That’s pretty awesome! I’ll let everyone comment on which story was their favorite! All of these are done by art master Matt Baker and his associates at the Iger Shop! With that being said if you’re into old school horror comics, then this book is for you!

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