Comic Book Review: The Circle #5

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Yes, I did skip the 4th issue…due to time constraints last month and finals and all that jazz I had to take a break, but I am back to review a series that has been knocking it out of the park at each and every turn and now with the final issue #5 here and ready to go…what will Christian do, when the Breakfast Club Cult is slowly being killed?

The final battle ensues after Christians dad awkwardly accepts everything thats going on in issue four and Christian now being accused of the murder of Trisha, Christian is now out for blood and by blood I mean going on a murderous rampage against Joey, Rachel, R0s–…..oh wait, never mind wrong series. Christian begins to embrace his abilities and prevent himself from becoming a demon, but what will he do now knowing that the cool kids have his dad as the sacrifice for the final ritual?

I’ll admit issue 5 has a lot of fun and beautifully done art work, Issues 1-4 were crafted with love and devotion to a unique tale on the supernatural. Issue 5 still holds that love and continues to delight those of us who have been following the series since its debut last year. With that being said The Circle comes full circle in a slightly satisfying twist and yet..kind of rush?

I will say The Circle is a wonderful series for any horror fan looking for a teenage horror book without not the weird slasher pedophile in a mask. But Issue 5 does feel like it falls short of what it truly has become, not the story itself but my biggest problem is the ending…it does not feel like an ending, instead it feels like it could be one more issue long to tie up a lot of loose ends. In fact, you could have made issue 4 be the kidnapping of his dad and then do the twist in issue 5 and then complete the story in a 6th issue.

In conclusion Damon Clark and Alyzia Zherno are a power house duo in their very first comic book series, it is difficult to find good horror material to enjoy and The Circle, is the perfect example of good horror material. Damon and Alyzia create a fun and loving book that should be recommended for new and old readers for many years to come. Praise onto Damon Clark and Alyzia Zherno for creating a series that sparks curiosity, chills, and the true terrors of friendship!

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