Comic Book Review: The Circle #3

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Just remember kids if you ever decide to make new friends…make sure you take the time to find out if they are a part of some crazy psychotic cult ritual, that way you can take out a life insurance policy.

The Circle #3 brings our hero back to school after the massive beating he received from the bullies from the previous issue, now with that out of the way Christian makes an attempt to avoid his new friend cult and secludes himself, but when Phoebe shows him that everyone has gained powers and that killing is apparently okay! They totally find it okay to try to make him rejoin their cult because apparently, that’s how friendship works…take notes everyone.

Our Breakfast Club of Horror are back in a bone-chilling experience for survival, for the most part, issue three finally sheds some more light on what exactly the abilities they received are and also a look into what you must sacrifice for power. What sets this apart from other horror series and makes it incredibly intriguing is that we are asked the question, “What would you do for power?” Christian knows exactly what right from wrong is and throughout the series, he wants power but does not want to cause harm to those who do not deserve it, this makes Christian a much more relatable protagonist and not just a kid being bullied who wants revenge, but rather for people to like him.

I strongly believe that independent artists and writers are developing and creating groundbreaking content, and Damon Clark and Alyzia Zherno are no exceptions. My only direct criticism is the once protagonists turned antagonists become those cliche cult characters, but in the previous issues they were just regular kids…or so we thought, that might just be a knit pick but it felt slightly rushed when all of his friends turned out to be psychopaths.

With that being said, The Circle continues to deliver high-quality material from Action Lab Comics. If you’re not reading The Circle, then my advice…do it.

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