Comic Book Review: The Circle #2

In Comic Books by Iron Squid5 Comments

I know this is late, The Circle issue 2 was released on January 24th and written by Damon Clark, as you know it made my favorite indie comic of last year and I’m excited to dive into issue #2.

We are back with the usual teen antics of Christian and the rest of the Breakfast Club, going to school, passing notes, getting bullied, playing basket ball, summoning a dark evil spirit as a cult together. You know, the things all teenagers do when they need a hobby. So, Christian and friends decide to do a bonding exercise…find out by picking up this exciting issue!

The Circle #2 is a very casual teen horror done right, it sets the stage for bigger events to come without over whelming you with plot development like most new writers on the scene. Although not heavy on the dialogue from Damon Clark, Alyzia Zhernos art work really tells the story during the darker elements, already I am a fan of her art.

The only thing I can say is Christian just sort of accepts everything that is going on just to fit in, sometimes it feels like he is not questions what is right and wrong, although as a teenager sometimes that does not come into play when trying to fit in. Damon Clark has a great way of making you feel like you are back in school all over again trying to fit into the clique that accepted you for who you are.

The Circle in my honest opinion, should be on everyones pull if you want a nice teen horror story!