Comic Book Review: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #1

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Valiant, Writer: Rafer Roberts, Artist: David Lafuente.

All right look, yes I do enjoy Valiant, yes everything I review I’ve absolutely enjoyed and been overly spas when things happen. Yes, I’ll be bugging the Valiant booth at C2E2 this weekend, yes I’m reviewing The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong #1, and yes there is a talking mackerel in a suit.

We are set up with Armstrong and his then best friend Frank in the 1950s where they break into a place that is literally Italian for “Mob front,” Armstrong and Frank are searching for a locket that has been missing for a long time, flash forward to NOW and we see Archer in a hotel room as he realizes that something is missing, so what does he do? Go into his magical bag of holding (D&D reference), and searches for the object that has gone missing. Archer however comes along and sees that since Armstrong as went into his magical bag, giant mutant lizards, Davey the Mackerel in a  suit…Yeah that’s a real thing, all come out and inform Archer that the magical bag has a dark and evil power lurking inside…to sum this all up, Archer and Armstrong go through wacky adventures inside Armstrong’s magic bag!!

The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong is a great silly adventure that doesn’t get explored often, what exactly is in those infinite bags of holding? The story is engaging and has a ton of laughs all throughout its pages and is enough to keep you asking for more, the art work is a little bit different then to what we are familiar with when it comes to Valiant and Archer and Armstrong but it does the job perfectly blending with the story! If you are a Valiant fan or just want a comical book, I’d recommend this book!


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