Comic Book Review: Tet #1

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Tet is the Vietnamese word for New Year…thought you’d like to know that. So lets go into Tet #1

Eugene Smith is a man from Indiana fighting in the Vietnamese war, he is reassigned after the horrible tragedy (that he does’t tell us) as a Translator for the MACV Hue city. His friend Chip, visits every brothel and some how doesn’t contract some form of disease or fever…except..well anyway. We are set up in an apartment where we see Eugene and his Fiance; Ha, no really that’s her name, they are talking about moving to his home town Marion, Indiana so they can officially be married and have a traditional American wedding, with all the guns and bald eagles about! However, we are pulled forward a few years in time and Eugene is in Marion, Indiana with Ha no where insight, he has a conversation with the mail man and receives a document from the Veteran Foreign Affairs…but what does it say!?…I..I don’t know I can’t read Vietnamese, but it has something to do with his murdered friend Chip!


Tet #1 is something I can’t make heads or tails of right off the bat. We aren’t really given a whole lot of information on what’s to come except for solving Chips murder. So in a sense this might turn out to be your average detective story with a soldier twist to it. Which is fine if you’re into that kind of thing, Paul Allor does the story; and I really want to see more of the mystery behind what’s going on. The art work is done by Paul Tucker and you know me I love this style of art’s sketchy and really gritty to look at! So, I guess you could say with this book, I’m just undecided yet curious to see what happens in this book.

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