Comic Book Review: The Surface #1

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Comic Books are getting stranger by the day. We have a Sons of Anarchy/Planet of the Apes book, a 8 year old serial killer, an entire documentary of Bub’s life (currently in the works staring Taylor Swift as Bub.) We also have Surface #1

The Surface, which isn’t a Windows Tablet: follows the story of a young boy named Nasia and his friends going on an adventure to find a magical land that can transform into anything they want just by imagining it…and in order to find it they must buy a car, because that’s how we do things in Merica. Also the entire world now has things called “Lifelogs” which are pretty much a camera that you wear to record your life, now you can post real time cat videos online for everyone to see and laugh at! Also Nasia’s father is the President of the Three State Union! I’m not really sure what this is about…but it’s different.

Ales Kot (the written of Zero) brings us a mind bending tale of whatever this story will be about. This again I’ll say we need to dig a little deeper with seeing if it’s going to be a sleeper title! Which would be awesome. Langdon Foss is the artist and really I don’t care for the style, everyone seems to be drawn with huge lips and bright. But it’s not a bad thing, just not my cup of tea.

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