Comic Book Review: Superman Rebirth #1

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Writer: Peter J. Tomasi, Artist: Patrick Gleason, DC, 21 Pages

Rebirth came out…and did some reboot type stuff that was like Convergence but better and made more sense, so Superman got a Rebirth and here it is! Forgive me, I haven’t been reading to much of the Superman titles, so if I miss something please for give me!

New 52 Superman is dead and it appears an older more wiser Superman from what appears to be Flashpoint Superman, has appeared to take his place, while mourning over Superman’s death, Superman hears Miss Lang underground doing some sneaky spy stuff. They argue about who he is and how the New 52 Superman will eventually come back to life! Because..the Superman before Flashpoint came back after he was killed by Doomsdays! So logic states they need to go to the Fortress of Solitude! But why?

Superman Rebirth is..really great when it comes to art style and it’s nice to see some remembrance of the old Death of Superman story line and how comic book characters constantly are coming back to life. But, the biggest lack of this book is content, there’s a lot of talking and nothing particular happens to shock the audience into continue reading, it’s a literal bridge to the new Superman #1 and Action Comics #957 with no real plot development for Rebirth. If you’re interested in art, then sure it’s a great book to pick up…but with story it doesn’t really hold much ground.