Comic Book Review: Superman American Alien #3

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I completely forgot to mention we are reviewing for DC now…like officially, no really Bub and Duff are trusting us all with DC comic books, for some ungodly reason! So what did they give me besides Green Lantern Corps? Well Superman: American Alien of course!

Clark Kent crashes his plane into the middle of the Bahamas and some how gets mistaken for Bruce Wayne at Bruce Waynes’ own Birthday Party, as Oliver Queen, for some reason Victor Zsasz and Minerva are all on the boat partying like it’s 19Whenever! In fact everyone is so drunk and wasted apparently they forgot that Bruce Wayne hasn’t been seen in almost 12 years! But they don’t care it’s a party and they only one who knowns that Clark Kent is not Bruce Wayne is Barbara Gordon and of course she lets Clark have his fun and party!

Superman: American Alien is a 7 issue mini series with various types of stories, so you can just pick up a book and don’t have to worry about reading the others. Issue #3 is just a fun little title to read if you don’t want a lot of action but some solid comedy and goofiness! What’s really nice about this series is that it’s not focused on Superman but rather Clark Kent the lovable farm boy and what he does if he’s not actually being Superman, legendary Hollywood screenwriter and Eisner Award nominee Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN) teams up with some famous artists including Jock (Wytches), Francis Manapul (The Flash, Legion of SuperHeroes) and Jae Lee (Inhumans, Dark Tower) to bring you 7 different Clark Kent’s!

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