Comic Book Review: Summons #1

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Hound Comics gives us another book and is it good? Well….it’s decent.

Kristen Helios is your average gothic…rave…scene…really creepy dressing girl, she fights creatures known as the Monstrums (beings from the beginning of time.) She is given the task of getting a book older than the Bible known as The Book of Summons. 6 Months before she receives this task we get a small inside look in her life…it’s your basic run of the mill misunderstood teenager that gets bullied at school and nobody likes her but her childhood friend Jared, who’s cousin is brutally murdered by a strange creature. Then a man from the group known as M.A.G.U.S. crashes through her window….

Summons is a decent read with your basic story of misunderstood girl trying to save the world. Chris L. Williams writes the story, and what sets it different than your Teen save the world stories is the book that they are trying to find. Also, the writer does the art work and it’s fantastic…it looks beautiful with a lot of detail put into each panel. Summons #1 is a good read if you’re looking for something not so complicated.

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