Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad/The Banana Splits Annual #1

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Our story begins with our ragtag band of bubble gum pop musicians getting pulled over by cops for speeding in a military grade jeep, and if you learned anything from the title then sure enough your worst nightmares appear as the Banana Splits pop out of their vehicle and decide to get themselves arrested for some reason, meanwhile we cut to the Suicide Squad where they are on a mission to stop an unknown entity and it goes south, now it is up to Amanda Waller to assemble a new Suicide Squad and…yeah you know where this is going.

The thing about this comic is I have no idea what to say about it…the story and writing are pretty funny and you can tell that there was quite a bit of thought put into this book and not just some cheesy one liners or stupid childish antics. it takes itself seriously but continues to have fun. The biggest complaint I can say is, do not come in and expect some high-grade material, yes it has a lot of fun but Tony Bedard creates something so strange that the sense of it not working? The Banana Splits and the Suicide Squad are written as if they are acknowledging how ridiculous and you do not have to read it, but at the same time makes you continue reading because of how ridiculous it is…I just don’t know!

The artwork is really well done, Ben Caldwell makes the Bubble Gum Pop Barney type TV show blend perfectly into a book about some of the deadliest villains on the planet. It’s gray toned dark but still, colorful tones make it pleasing to the eye, making you feel like you are on the weirdest drug trip ever.

Suicide Squad/Banana Splits has absolutely no reason to exist, but at the same time is not harming anyone for being a thing, it is fun and it for the sheer fact it’s there.

Now that the professional review is out of the way…WHY DOES THIS EXIST!? WHO WALKED INTO DC HEADQUARTERS AND JUST SAID: “I’M DOING A SUICIDE SQUAD/BANANA SPLITS CROSS OVER BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA!” No seriously, WHY!? WHO!? WHAT FOR!? It’s a harmless book but…I want to talk to Tony and just get the full scoop!

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