Comic Book Review: Suicide Squad #1

In Comic Books, DC Comics by Iron Squid1 Comment

Yes guys, I’m back after reviewing and loving the Rebirth Title of Suicide Squad. Also, I enjoyed the movie as well…and what better way to complete the triangle than to review the now ongoing Suicide Squad comic and it’s..

The same as the Rebirth title, except instead they have to find a weapon in Siberia and the only way to get it…is to drop them from space! Suicide Squad I was really excited for as I enjoy the whole concepts of Super Villains being good guys against their will. This book fails miserably at that, it’s very vague with what exactly is going on, but they clarify that: “it’s a team of Super Villains fighting for the government!” six times throughout the book but give no clarification to what they are doing. Also Harley Quinn plays Pokemon Go in space.

Suicide Squad #1 does not feel like a proper intro to an already strong book, but there is a positive aspect to this book.

I do enjoy that they decided to go with the team that they used for the movie, simply because people who got into Suicide Squad because of the movie can now pick up the book and still have familiar characters to read about. This will create a great way to get more people interested into not only the Squad themselves, but also the DC Universe as a whole. Other then that, I feel like old school Suicide Squad fans will be turned off but stay faithful, and new readers will enjoy it for the familiar characters!

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