Comic Book Review: Starve #1

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Could there be a comic book about cooking? Seriously, a comic book about cooking? There is no possible way…right? I mean, that would only be for some weird Japanese manga called: SHOKUGEKI NO SOMA, or something like that (I heavily, recommend that). However, Starve #1 now that’s something to talk about.

Starve opens up with our lovable, drugged alcoholic hero named Gavin Cruikshank (it took me 4 times to pronounce his name). He used to be a great, world famous chef on a hit cooking show called Starve…it’s the title of the book, too. After his show ended he became a native and partied like everyday was his birthday; until recently, where a man named Sheldon offers him a deal for 8 new episodes of the show Starve, which is still the title of the book. Sheldon informs Gavin that his show Starve (a version of it anyway) is the number one show in America, but since Gavin doesn’t watch television or read anything, he wouldn’t know that. Since Gavin owns the show he expects royalties, but since things aren’t that easy and lawyers are a pain, he has to talk to his wife Greer (that’s really name…) and do a full season of the show Starve, which is still all in his name. Except Gavin’s dead and now he has to prove he isn’t dead and finish a season of Starve, or he’ll be poor. Does all that make sense?

When it comes down to it…Starve is interesting, I’ve never read anything like this before. A reality tv show chef that has to prove he’s alive and complete an entire season of his own show? I can really say it’s a unique concept, Brain Wood is the writer and Danijel ZeZelj  along with David Stewart are the artists and it’s… a little dull…everything is red and some greens and kind of distracts from everything else, you kind of struggle with the art than pay attention to the story. But hey, Maybe we can see Starve step up it’s game in the next issue!






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