Comic Book Review: Spider-Man/Deadpool #1

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If there’s one thing Deadpool never fails to deliver it’s the perfect marriage of shenanigans and badassery. Pair his particular brand of canned mayhem with a more-irritable-than-usual Spidey and we have the perfect formula for hilarity. Not to mention some downright brilliant writing.

The issue opens with the two dangling upside down and stuck together by an exploded web cartridge as none other than Dormammu is after both their heads. To think this all started with Deadpool trying to convince Spiderman to work for him, and somehow along the way there was an absurd incident with human brains stolen from a morgue and a small purple imp with inter-dimensional teleportation.

Buried under all the hysterics we see hints of Deadpool’s emotional turmoil and desire to become a truly heroic figure despite his infamous reputation and impulsive way of…well. Just about everything. Spidey, meanwhile, is struggling to balance his civilian life as the CEO of Parker Industries with the need to uphold the mantle of Spiderman. He is part of two very different worlds that are pulling him in opposite directions, a struggle that is made no easier to reconcile with Deadpool’s untimely arrival…

I’m very excited to see where the rest of the story goes. This is one I will definitely be tuning into every month.