Comic Book Review: Snowpiercer #1 The Escape

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O.K.  Here  I go. First off, forget the movie.  Though the movie is based on the same principals (loosely I might add), V1 paints a different picture. The book, written by Jaques Lob and translated by Virginie Selavy, is really just the beginning of the tale.  It describes how a man from the 1001 car train, escapes the rear of the massive non-stop machine, driven by perpetual energy.  He is driven to find his way to the front of the train and find out, well…..he’s not really sure what he wants, but he’s determined to find whatever that may be; the answers to whatever he finds useful at the time.

With every push forward, he discovers what the human race has really become; animals of decadent proportion. He finds what the human race eats, drinks and yes fucks. Which in all honesty is everything they can and all the above.  The human race has become completely bat-shit bored with itself. A faction of the train wants to free the people in the rear and offer them the same luxuries that everyone else has been privy to.  Another faction worships the train as a deity and the train keeps moving forward.  Rumours have spread that the president of, again the human race now, has plans to release the rear cars, in order to lighten the load, in hopes that this will keep them moving forever forward and never stop.

Lies are spread, of-course. There is a love interest and what story would be good without some good ole fashioned betrayal. did I mention the man’s name?  No? O.K. good.  The name is not important. What is, is that the story is solid. I would recommend this great tale of the perpetual train to anyone.

Hollywood tends to…..well….let’s say exaggerate and twist things around, until it finally jacks up the entire story.

The art is done by Jean-Marc Rochette. I must say, very clean and simple lines.  Well use of positive and negative space throughout the entire volume. I was relieved that it was done in Black and White, which is not very common any longer as back in the days of comics like TNMT.  I miss those types of comics. Needless to say, I was delighted to read this book and feel privileged that I was even given the opportunity to do so.

I am hoping that there are more volumes to come as there are a few questions I have, such as….WTF are they eating and is it sentient?

I don’t like to get into specifics, because that’s just as bad as someone spoiling the end of the Mid-Season finale of The Walking Dead…..Iron Squid.

I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially if you want toe read the origin of the movie.

Until next time.

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