Comic Book Review: SnowFall #1

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Writer: Joe Harris,  Artist: Martin Morazzo.

Let it go…Let it go…can’t…nope, not doing it, here’s SnowFall #1.


We open up with the telling of a story about a princess who sleeps and dreams of a permanent winter, after that we get a few soldiers looking for something and a mysterious man in a robe blowing snow out of his hand..when then get informed that the last natural snowfall hasn’t been for 10 years, due to essentially Global Warming, which the politicians deny! Sitting in class we learn that young people are being recruited as soldiers to heal the planet, but our young main hero Anthony Farrow wants nothing to do with it! So he leaves the school and gives us a vague statement that the world isn’t what it appears to be, we then cut to a man who’s name is Davitika Deal who states that a mysterious man hasn’t been seen in a long time…just who is this mysterious man and how is this all connected to Anthony Farrow?

SnowFall #1 is a great breathe of fresh air in the times of super heroes and crime dramas. It’s nice to see a book try hard to be unique when people just want blood and gore, and also see a sci-fi series about the weather instead about alien invasions or robots! If you’re a fan of sci-fi and weather, I’d check it for’s a refreshing read.

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