Comic Book Review: Skylanders #4

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Alright I have an amazing idea! Lets make a game that you have to shoot birds at pigs and call it Angry birds! Wait, that’s already been done? Alright then, how about we make a dungeon crawler style game but instead include adorable little figures that you have to play the game with and call it…Skylanders! That’s also taken!? Next you’ll be telling me that they made a comic bo-OH COME ON!

Skylanders is a game made by Activision turned into a comic book series, issue #4 starts off with two of these little figure creature thingies fighting in an arena, with our main character Deja Vu advancing to the finals which is a four way battle and will have to fight our villains of this story: Fist Bump, Trail Blazer and Fling Kong, I read that right? Yup, I did. They tease her about not being able to win the tournament with all powerful time magic. But flinging things at people and fist bumping them wins each time! However, Deja Vu is met with our lovable sell out who hasn’t appeared in a game since 2010 Spyro, and he’s lost weight!

Skylanders #4 is a simple story about learning to overcome your enemies to do great things, kind of what you should be doing and not reading comic books all day. Though I’m slightly shocked to see Ron Marz writing the story to this children book (Yea know..the guy who does Artifacts, go read a comic!) along with David Rodriguez (known for Finding Gossamyr) with Aurelio Mazzara doing a very detailed cartoony style which we don’t see a lot of now days.

In a nut shell I’d recommend Skylanders to teach your children why some pun based names are a bad idea, with that being said Skylanders is a goofy strange thing to do a comic book around but works out in the end.