Comic Book Review: Sky Doll – Decade

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Titan Comics

Alessandro Barbucci

Barbara Canepa

231 Pages

Sky Doll follows the story of Noa, an android “doll” living in a galaxy torn between two religious sects: the followers of the Holy Mother Ludovica, and the acolytes of the banished Agape. Noa, who exists somewhere between a living being and an inanimate object, escapes her life as a commodity by stowing away on the ship of two of Ludovica’s missionaries, and on her adventures discovers new truths about faith, desire and the human soul.

This is an incredibly brave story that asks a lot of really hard questions. We enter a world that takes a religious institution with as much power and influence as the Vatican and gives it the commercial glitter of a media super-corporation like Disney, all centered around this wacky idea of marketing faith and spirituality as products to be bought and sold. To top it all off, we have the dolls—perfectly submissive androids that serve a variety of purposes, from promiscuous space ship wash establishments to escort services.

All in all, the book takes on the controversial marriage of religion and commercialism with aplomb, delivering a beautifully drawn and profound story worth taking a ponder on.