Comic Book Review: Sink #1

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Have you ever took a step back and realized your horror collection wasn’t complete until you watch a guy wearing a fox mask murder a bunch of gang members with a shovel? No? Well I got news for you…

We met Allan who lives in the Glasgow, Scotland, which is the knife capital of Europe. Allan and his friends are up all night being those kids that say they are from the hood but are really just on the nice suburb area! Allan and his friends go their separate ways, and as he misses the bus we have…you know the drill.

Sink is the horror book you didn’t know you needed. Breathing new life into the gory hero genre since Bedlam! John Lees is a mad genius, the first issue builds up the perfect amount of suspense and wonder as you dive into the madness that is Glasgow, Scotland. Sink does not hold back with the story, making you guess and question as you read, not knowing exactly what will happen and how far it’ll go.

Alex Cormack’s artwork is beautiful, dark, gritty and disgusting and blends into the story as if they were made for each other. The blood and gore is disgusting and will make you wonder how much more creepy and bloody and this possibly get?

Sink will captivate and make you feel as if the horror and terror is right in your own back yard!