Comic Book Review: Sinergy #3

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Hey, why are you only reviewing continuing series? Why haven’t you did another #1 in a while!? Well Mr. Voices in my head, there hasn’t been one in a while and sometimes reviewing continuing series is a great way to promote the book! So go away! Sinergy #3.

We now get into the meat and potatoes of this crazy bizarre sex and demons story as our main character Jess has finally decided to follow into her dads business of killing monsters, which I have to ask is why? Are they all evil? Ones a stripper in this one and Jess beats it up with a hockey stick, however in this world it turns out that other people have become Seers by sleeping with monsters…creepy!

As brief as this review is Sinergy is still keeping consistent with what it wants to do as a story as Michael Oeming is making this book a instant hit with it being just plain silly to read. With the cartoonish colorful art of Taki Soma keeping it really pleasing on the eye and entertaining designs.

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