Comic Book Review: Sinergy #2

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There is a time and a place to read a comic book about sexually frustrated demons and that’s alone on a couch with your pants unzipped with a bottle of slightly room temperature beer…but we aren’t here to talk about my Friday nights. We are here to talk about Sinergy #2

As stated before Sinergy is about a girl named Jess who loses her virginity to dried crunchy fallen tree piece named Leaf, which we should all send a suggestion letter about naming a new character Stick, Jess has become a Seer which allows her to see monsters after having sex. With this in mind we are joined by her father arguing with her mother about whether or not Jess should go to college, of course the father says no, the economy is terrible so the best suggestion is to be a monster killer, because that pays bills! However, Jess wants to go to college instead of joining her hobo dad and Fry the hell spawn dog which leaves her father in the bit of a pickle. Stick accessory (Leaf) is building an army to open up a portal to take over the world….because that’s what monsters do.

Sinergy is a lot of fun when it comes to their fast paced fun little romp around town fighting monsters, this almost reminds me of a simplified Supernatural without all those silly plot holes. However, the only one complaint that some readers would notice is when monsters take pictures only their human versions appear? How? If that’s the case then how are things documented? If another Seer takes a picture and shows it to another….yea know what?…forget it…just go read Sinergy #2

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