Comic Book Review: Sinergy #1

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What does a Lizard Boy, a young girl and a talking green dog have in common? That’s right…the weirdest porn written by man, except this is about the comic book: Sinergy.

Singery opens up with two people having intimate relations, and while our main character Jess is losing her virginity from a boy named Leaf…because that’s what you name a character after, a green piece of a tree that dries up when it gets cold. Leaf turns into a lizard thing and her dad busts in and throws him out a window, that isn’t a sentence I was expecting to put together in my career as a comic book critic.

According to her dad, after throwing her boyfriend out a window: informs Jess that after losing her virginity she can now see monsters and is now getting roped into the family business of hunting these monsters. Also, there’s a talking green lizard dog with bat wings who is her dads hunting partner, because someone had to take acid.

In the long run Sinergy is definitely a bizarre book that has hit the market to date, and it’s a lot of fun. Michael Oeming (the co-creator of Powers!) writes a simple father/daughter story with demons and makes it known that this is the main character, a typical teenage girl that is drawn into the supernatural world and now has to protect the world from crazy demons along side her dad and a bat dog.

With the art work Taki Soma has a very simple yet pleasant design, almost like your reading a abstract painting…okay this art work is hard to put into words. The edges are smooth and the shading is very well done, with lots of bright colors to keep your attention focused on everything that is going on yet still making it tolerable on the eyes.

Sinergy would be a book for first time readers of comic books who want a simple yet fun story. Look for it in comic shops now!



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