Comic Book Review: SideKick # 9

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Yes, it came out last week! But any insane human being such as myself would need to talk about Sidekick…right here right now. If you ever wanted to be sidekick to a famous super hero, think long and hard about that choice, and remember that being Robin is a terrible idea.

Sidekick started in August of last year and is still going strong till this day, Sidekick starts with a boy named Flyboy (as his super hero named) who defends the city with the famous super hero D-bag the Red Cowl. The Red Cowl gets assassinated because stuff like that happens frequently. Flyboy decides to take up the mantle and protect the city but the people reject him and bully him into thinking he will never be as good as the Red Cowl. Then…huge plot twist, as the series goes on he is slowly driven into madness and becomes the villain SIDEKICK, which is a lame name but if you read the book it makes perfect sense, oh and then the people of the city freak out when he turns evil and question why….seriously, even people in comic books lose their common sense.

Moving on, issue #9 is brilliant…it’s done entirely in silence as Sidekick is trying to find out where The Red Cowl is since he actually faked his death to live a peaceful life; what an A-hole. With something like this starting from issue #1 is the best of your interest, as stated issue #9 does everything silently with just taking in the atmosphere of trying to hunt down the man Flyboy once looked up to. J. Michael Straczynski takes us on a wonderful twist of a old tale of an origin story of a villain, Tom Mandrake takes on the artwork as giving the story a very dark and gritty art style with realistic touches.

Sidekick is a gem that needs to be looked at, because it’s brilliant. Now off to realize that I typed a lot more than expected on this review, but since it was trying to sum up 9 issues. I thought it would be needed.