Comic Book Review: Sherlock: The Seven Per-cent Solution #1

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Sherlock Holmes has been a staple in crime fiction since the 1800’s, physician and author Sir Conan Doyle, brought the character to life in 1887 with the very first novel A Study In Scarlet and the–what? You’re telling me that I’m not teaching a literature class, but I’m reviewing a comic book of Sherlock Holmes? Well…alright then.

We open up our story with John R. Watson as an old dried prune talking to a typist as he starts logging Sherlocks previous case that he was unable to talk about until Sherlock and the other party involved passed away, and guess what happened? Yup, both are dead! Flashback time! Sherlock busts into Watsons house like a total tool and starts telling the story about Professor Moriarty the evil of evil ex university professor and Sherlocks arch enemy, and of course Watson thinks he’s just drugged up and ranting. As Sherlock passes out and then wakes up Sherlock completely denies the whole Moriarty rant and leaves, leaving everyone to live happily ever after…Haha just kidding Sherlock locks himself up in his room and won’t let anyone in! But wait there’s more! Watson receives a card from the great Professor Moriarty! What could this mean?

Sherlock: The Seven Percent Solution is based on the book of the same name and does follow a lot more, such as Sherlocks road to recovery from cocaine. If you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan you’ll enjoy this comic book, if not then you might get really bored with a lot of the narration and very slow pace. Ron Joseph does the art work and it is fantastic and detailed to look at, although some of the characters look the same but that can be forgiven with all the detail that was put into it. David and Scott Tipton adapt the book, but unfortunately I’ve never read the book so I have nothing to compare it to. Although, this book isn’t for me and honestly I found myself a little bored, Sherlock Holmes fans can rest assure that they will enjoy it!


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