Comic Book Review: She-Wolf #1

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Image Comics, Rich Tomasso, 24 Pages

All right it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed an Image comic book and the one that I have chosen was She-Wolf.

She-Wolf starts out with a girl named Gabby who is getting attacked by a Werewolf named Brian, she tries to talk with him but he doesn’t actually respond and instead scratches her and runs away. She chases him for a moment and the police arrive and shoot Brian the werewolf. After that we cut to what appears to be her high school and she is taken to the principals office where he informs her that the School Board and City Hall wanted to get rid of her because of the murder of wolf Brian! Oh and the Principal splits into a negative version of himself and says that it’s all her fault…an old lady is screwing a wolf.

She-Wolf was probably one of the most confusing horrible things I’ve read in a while, although I’ll say the artwork is colorful and brings that pop art that a lot of old school readers will love. She-Wolf just is confusing, it has a clunky pace to the story  on and are expected to know exactly what is going on, it is like some kind of acid trip but the acid trip has questions. I read Dark Corridor (Same artist and writer) and gave that a mediocre review but this, I just don’t know what this is!


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