Comic Book Review: Shaft: Imitation of Life

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He’s a complicated man, that no one understands but……well, you know the rest.  Wait! You don’t know the rest?  WTF?

Shaft my damies. Everyone should know who he is.  It was a TV show and a movie for fuck’s sake. The late great Isaac Hayes made a song.

Anyway, Dynamite Comics has authorized this amazing first issue of the one and only Shaft, by David F. Walker and Dietrich Smith.

I loved it from the first page.  Now. If you are curious or if you do know who he is and what he’s all about, then you will love issue #1.

Pick up a copy, available on February 10th at your local comic stop and find out what happens when you take a lighted match to a stick of Pure Black Dynamite.  Ha!  See what  Idid there.

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